Huge Easter Cat


Huge Easter Cat

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The Huge Easter Cat is an Exclusive Pet in Pet Simulator X. It could’ve been obtained by hatching a Legendary Easter Egg during the 2022 Easter Event.


  • Best Friend (Unique): This pet will always be stronger than your best pet.
  • Random Enchantment

Chances of Hatching:

(This has been confirmed by a staff member)

  • Legendary Easter Egg: ~0.002%


  • This is a huge variant of the Easter Cat.
  • This pet can be hatched as a golden or rainbow variant.
  • This pet is similar to the Huge Cat but with bunny ears and a bow tie.
  • This pet is currently one of the most rarest huge pets in the game
  • This pet is currently one of the rarest huge pet available in-game.
  • This pet has a very close icon to Huge Cat.
  • This pet is the easiest huge pet to hatch in all events (excluding Robux Eggs).

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Rainbow, Gold, Regular


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