Huge Pumpkin Cat


Huge Pumpkin Cat

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This item has been transfered to Pet Simulator 99. Please click here for a pet which can be transfered to PetSimulator99


The Huge Pumpkin Cat is an Exclusive Pet in Pet Simulator X. It could be obtained from the Cursed Egg.


  • Best Friend (Unique Enchantment): Pet will always be stronger than your best pets.
  • Random Enchantment


  • This was this first Exclusive pet to be obtained by hatching an Egg.
  • It is a Pumpkin Cat re-skin of the Huge Cat.
  • This is the first pet hatched from an egg to have a set enchantment.
  • This pet could have been re-enchanted, removing the best friend enchantment and reducing its stats to around ~8.5b.
  • It was originally expected to be in all of the Halloween Eggs.



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Rainbow, Gold, Regular


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